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Curren$y - Life Under The Scope lyrics

[Verse 1]

Yeah, my weed lit, my glass chill

Couldn't be concerned less how a hater feel

Car service only opportunity for rest

In between destinations a lil' hibernation

Life under the scope I gotta stay fresh

They just wanna see ya fallin'
The only reason the cameras out when ya walkin'
The only reason they listenin' when ya talkin'
Waiting on ya to contradict yaself

Albeit evict yaself from the house

Like when Beth instigated that situation
When Tami got David kicked out

Suckers tryin' figure my angle

Puzzled by my shuffle icky wood in the bengals

Adjust my wing rudders in the prescence of danger

Drop bombs on them niggas from the middle

And stay calm knowin' we belong on the top
But we ain't trippin'
Cause we'll get there in a minute
Yeah, that's the statement for the mission

Swiss movement so my watch ain't tickin'

Who yo crew is
Them niggas is bums
Throwin parties don't any bitch come
They all at my art showin'
Me and my folks gettin drunk

Bangin' my sound from the wall mounts


Yeah, life under the scope

Everyday is a test

It's all day

Go, full speed, full court
Media, press
They just wanna see ya fuck it all up
Turn over, make ya give the ball up
They just wanna see ya fuck it all up

[Verse 2]


Vintage egg chairs hangin' from the ceilin'

Naked beauties and plush pillows in em

Incense and fresh linen

I spit that complex venom

The real niggas it strengthens
The fake niggas it kills them

And the Big homie said
That he still got visions of the rooftop
As do I

George Jetson, Jefferson
Deluxe apartment in the sky

Niggas can't downplay me baby
I'm too high

Pilots speak I crafted these in my Impala seat

A New Orleans nigga

And I'm way in the NYC weed twistin'
On a mission and I'm fishin' for my niggaSki Beatz

I been in the game, OG

Seen fools blow up
And blow it low key

Curren$y - Life Under The Scope lyrics.
Life Under The ScopeCurren$y

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