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Curren$y - Michael Knight (Remix) (Feat. Raekwon) lyrics



 Scoo do do do do do do

 Racecars and Weed Jars


 [Verse 1:]

 I got a style for every bump in ya face

 Greaseball ass nigga Pontiac Judge

 Open and Shut Case

 You Know I'm bowtied till I die

 Though I made an exception for the '69

 so quick off the line

 Coin double side

 but no matter what we heads up

 We in the yard tell ya dawgs they should

 be aware of us

 We break it off like an engagement gone bad

 I fill ya jacuzzi with them groupies make it a bird bath

 Miss me? No you didn't bitch with that bullshit "Miss me"

 Tryna claim Spitta' name tryna be Miss Me

 All of that is kicks to me Silly rabbit trickery

 You only around because my spot is where you wish to be

 Hope to catch me sleepin by bein freaky

 But babygirl let me be the first to say it's not that easy

 I wasn't born yesterday nor later on that evening

 Just had to get that out the way and make the playing field even


 Michael Knight Michael Knight Michael Knight [x2]

 Michael Knight Scoo do do do do do

 Michael Knight Michael Knight Michael Knight [x2]

 Michael Knight Scoo do do do do do

 [Verse 2:]

 And the view from the Rockin chair improve

 but I have yet to see a team fuckin with the crew

 Near and far saw it all Wideframe

 Everything with Wangs ain't a plane mayne

 Indo get rolled up like car windows

 Avoiding the policeman them Carl Winslows

 the wind blown in changed and I am not mad

 Ol'-Garbage-Bag rappers need ta find a style fast

 It's written all over niggas like a Dapper Dan

 Survive rough lands cactus plants growin in desert sands

 Alive I stand never dead; though a nigga didn't die

 I got highed up so I could autograph the sky...



 Michael Knight Michael Knight Michael Knight [x2]

 Michael Knight Scoo do do do do do

 Michael Knight Michael Knight Michael Knight [x2]

 Michael Knight Scoo do do do do do

 [Verse 3:]

 Definitely dress down and everybody here know it

 Yo A snow white aston on a ground with a poet

 Know as the kid who told you to come to the crib

 Threw a bag on your lap and told you don't blow the kids

 We mealed up actually my flowing is real tough

 Sport these gazelles faded leather or real rough

 Bank account dont even question

 Spent all my money last year buying shear investments

 Marvelous gangsta new york nigga make me shank something

 Rather screw honeys who ain't cuffing

 All my life six black kids stole a rifle kick dice and strip you and slice you

 So listen young niggas Ima give you some jewels quick

 Don't ever rat your friends out you'll stand in a pool of shit

 Looking like a crab ass faggot sooner or later them boys that was hating on got the ratchets



Curren$y - Michael Knight (Remix) (Feat. Raekwon) lyrics.
Michael Knight (Remix) (Feat. Raekwon)Curren$y

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Words to Curren$y Michael Knight (Remix) (Feat. Raekwon) song

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