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Curren$y - Opening Credits lyrics

It was right around the time

 I thought I had to move back with my mom

 I had to sell my first lowrider

 Halfway to the top

 Went to sleep, woke up at the bottom

 They turned off my lights, I lit candles and I plotted

 Got it before

 Getting it again shouldn't be a problem

 Every month dropped something

 Then the Double X-L put a nigga on the cover

 Made the freshmen ten like a year before my brother Wiz

 Rap hustling and we rocked e'rywhere we went

 Then I tried to start to start a business with Damon

 Charged that to the game, learned some thangs

 I thought I earned some change

 But fuck it, mayne, it's all the same

 I'd live the same life again

 If it don't kill ya, it just make you realer

 Stepping into the house shoes of a big wheeler

 Always wrote my own rules; this Jet Life, nigga

 Remembering when I couldn't smoke in the buildings

 Now the executives is dancing on the ceiling

 I've been moving around, moving around trying to get it

Curren$y - Opening Credits lyrics.
Opening CreditsCurren$y

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