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Curren$y - Search Party lyrics

Sucka ass niggas keep stealing

 The real ones keep building more shit

 Clown shit that I'm not feeling

 Too much, cut that bullshit, snuff they dealings

 Mainstream got it all fucked up

 You want the real dope then you gotta come to us

 Underground niggas papered up

 Fuck that award show

 Get 'em tickets to my bitch like "y'all go"

 I gotta get these bars wrote, that raw coke

 Musical key loads, boat loads, car loads

 Hollywood celebrity types and hood stars know

 You're existence is hanging in the balance bro

 Residuals is critical, we need them stacks kid

 Wake up to them bowls, no cereal

 Plane materials is how I flow

 If I write about it then believe it's what I know

 That's why it comes so easy to me

 You see literally I flow like a river current

 While them other niggas fronting, finna say fuck it

 Star write screen plays

 Swear my life like a movie in so many ways

 Aw man

I'ma kill a niggas spirit when I pull up in this

 The kid cruising by without going into the event

 Crew members in attendance so I'm represented well

 I was in the studio with that triple beam scale

 New Beamers, swerve 'em in the rain, make 'em fishtail

 Reckless, though I mean well

 My intentions were good, but my niggas too hood

 You was talking down on the set and it got back to 'em

 Now my dog highly upset, I gotta watch what he doing

 Cuz if he catch you slipping he might do something stupid

 I worked to hard for this to see my niggas lose and being foolish

 I was aware the snakes was there when I moved in

 But that money make it easier for home improvements

 Make sure that you trust your shooters

 The closest ones to ya be the ones that'll do ya

 I ain't have to tell ya

Curren$y - Search Party lyrics.
Search PartyCurren$y

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